About me!

A traditional Punch & Judy with lashings of sausages, slapstick, crocodiles, laughter and good old fashion family fun!

Professor Collywobbles

Philip Collins

From a very young age, Phil, as he is sometimes known, was a natural performer often to be found entertaining the neighbourhood children with his crazy antics and tomfoolery. Performing glove puppet shows from behind the living room sofa for family and friends was an enjoyable pastime for Phil as a child!


As a young man, he started to take an interest in acting. He joined a local amateur dramatic society, firstly playing bit parts, advancing on to more prominent roles as his confidence increased. Phil seemed to revel in performing to an audience. His interest in acting led him to try his hand at directing, including Shakespeare’s plays, comedies, and even musicals.


Music, too, has played a big part in the prof’s life. For a few years now, he has developed a keen interest in playing the Ukulele with a local band and organised a Ukulele Festival in Cheltenham. http://www.ukulelefestival.co.uk/


A desire to revive his hobby of puppetry has inspired Phil to try his hand at Punch & Judy shows to help preserve the tradition while incorporating more modern values into his performances.


Professor Collywobbles is now an accomplished puppeteer available for hire to perform at children’s parties and public events around the Cotswolds or further afield.